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Civic activities in Virginia prior to 1960:
Girl Scout leader, Parent Teacher’s Association volunteer, Waynesboro Community Hospital Auxiliary president, Waynesboro Community Hospital volunteer director, Rosecliff Garden Club president, president of Grace Lutheran Church Women.

Civic activities in Florida prior to 1977:
Public-relations representative for Pinellas county public school teachers’ organization.
Recruited, trained, installed, and managed 100 Candy Stripers in Mound Park Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Resigned from First Vice Presidency of Saint Petersburg League of Women Voters in 1978 to devote full time as an advocate for appropriate expenditure of public funds utilized for delivery of social services to severely mentally ill individuals.

Independent volunteer advocate activities February 1978 to the present:
Organized and oversaw incorporation of Association for Mending Minds, Inc. in 1978.
Loaned purchase money to AMM for house on First Avenue North in Saint Petersburg. Volunteers staffed the house that was a drop-in center for mentally ill individuals, their families, and support system members. Later, lobbying for Open-Door Center funding was successful for locating drop-in centers in other areas.
AMM placed collection jars in stores for “change” funds to disprove the belief that citizens will not support mentally ill individuals. Jars were successful fund collectors.
AMM community center staff was made up of volunteers who did not have mentally ill family members. This disproved once again that community citizens are indifferent to the needs of severely mentally ill people.
Met Senator Bob Graham in 1977 during his first campaign for Florida governor. Senator Graham was responsive to concerns regarding fragmented unfriendly delivery of human services in the state of Florida. When Governor Graham was elected, opportunities became available to become a statewide advocate. The National Alliance for Mentally Ill Persons was developing with duplication of some Association for Mending Minds, Inc. goals.
AMM was discontinued with hopes to support NAMI efforts by acquiring accountable, direct, personalized case management services for mentally ill Floridians wanting to learn community living and marketplace vocational skills.
In 1980, after securing endorsements, Senator Harry Johnston and Representative Marilyn Evans-Jones sponsored passage of Florida Statute 394.4573. Hundreds of case manager positions were funded, and the seeds were sown for creation of a statewide Continuity of Care Management System in communities to be in close conjunction with community entities and families to obtain common sense quality assistance for those willing to strive for better lives.

September 1984-Assembled Florida members of NAMI to organize statewide FL NAMI.

There was refining legislation in 1983, 1984, and 1989 to perfect and enhance a Continuity of Care Management System. CCMS was performed without bureaucratic red tape and poor policies for delivery of human services.
The proof in the pudding occurred when Kenneth and Maxene Kleier, as volunteer administrators of a CCMS project from 1992–1996, established neighborhood networks of care managers who worked directly with individuals, using their cars as offices. Challenges were met without useless waiting periods or needless paper shuffling.
In 1996, funds were denied to the CCMS project due to efforts of nonprofit service providers who wanted the care manager positions for their entities, politicians who refused to hear the pleas of persons being served, politicians who preferred to fund personal turkeys and/or maintain patronage positions, and some entrenched bureaucrats hidden behind comfortable desks. Many bureaucrats are unwilling to shift work positions to direct in-community contact positions so that people can be helped more effectively.

Other volunteer activities:
Chairman of SHRAC (Statewide Human Rights Committee)
Chairman of Florida Council of Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health
Advisor to Florida House of Representatives Subcommittee for Mental Health
Member of Governor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Member of Governor’s Task Force on Community Mental Health
Advisor to HRS Inspector-General’s Task Force on Evaluation of Florida Community Mental Health Centers
Establishment of a statewide network of facilitators to expedite communication between state and district social service offices. Policies and training approved and monitored by office of HRS Secretary.
Various official roles in Florida Alliance for the Mentally Ill.
Testimony in 1982 on the insanity plea before the Subcommittee on Criminal Law, Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate.
Consistent and ongoing volunteer lobbying to date for:
Accountable appropriation of public funds by legislative bodies,
Monitoring of public funds for accountability, and
Elimination of unseemly and expensive bureaucratic processes by intelligent application of common sense to simplistic methodologies to help people as opposed to creation of fragmented complex convoluted networks of workers busy with minutiae rather than practical applications to serious considerations of human needs