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If you care about some issues mentioned in Possessed Mentalities, check out the following.

National Organizations with State chapters:

Common Cause-----------------------------------------------------www.commoncause.org
Holding Power Accountable

Emily's List------------------------------------------------------------www.emilyslist.org
Champion for Women to Make Choices

LWV (League of Women Voters)-------------------------------www.lwv.org
Making Democracy Work

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)-------------------www.NAMI.org
The Nation's Voice on Mental Illness

NEA (National Education Association)------------------------www.nea.org
Great Public Schools for Every Child

I believed that I had to become an activist for the sake of myself, my loved ones, and for my country. I believed that it would take studied intelligence and productive volunteer hours to be an activist that might make a difference. I have tried. My hope is that you will become an activist who tries to make a difference. Each of us needs to do more than fuss in an armchair or complain to friends. Each of us needs to keep trying. Thank you for hearing my pleas.

Maxene Kleier.